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9.1. Website Access

MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS is not responsible for damages of any kind caused to the User, producing errors or disconnections in telecommunications networks and / or the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the website service during the provision of same or prior to it.

9.2. Privacy Policy

MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS ensures full compliance with the obligations as well as the implementation of security measures, provided in Article 9 of the Personal Data Protection Law 15/1999 and in the implemention of the regulation approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007, 21 December.

MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS makes the Company’s Privacy Policy available to its users.

9.3. Service Quality

MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS has no obligation to supervise the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful computer element. It is the User’s responsibility to have the suitable tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful and dangerous computer programs.

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9.4. Contents

MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS is not responsible for decisions made from the information provided in the website or damages caused to the User or third parties for actions that are based solely on information obtained through the website.

9.5. From the links on

MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS, acts as a mediation service provider, in accordance with Article 17 of Law 32 /2002 from July 12, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), and will only be responsible for the contents and services supplied on the linked sites if is fully aware of their illegality and do not deactivat the link with due diligence. The service includes web access to technical linking devices that allow the user to access other websites and Internet portals.

The existence of links, does not imply the existence of agreements with those responsible for them, nor the recommendation, promotion or identification of MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS, with statements, contents or services provided.

If the user considers that there is a site linked to unlawful or inappropriate content, they may inform MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS according to the procedure and the purposes specified in clause 6, but in any case this will entail the obligation to remove the corresponding link.

MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS does not know all the contents and services or links and therefore is not responsible for the damages caused by the unlawfulness, quality, unavailability, error or uselessness of the content and / or services or links, nor for any other damage that is not directly attributable to MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS.


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