MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS provides a service that applies the ethical principles established by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS):

Offering a high-quality service

Ensuring our clients receive the best service based on:

  High-quality commitment throughout the project.

  Highly qualified team.

  Management Methodology.

  Vast sector knowledge.

Client orientation

MA adapts its service to each client based upon the following:

  Organizational Culture.

  Investment Management Methodology.

  Project requirements.

  Focus of interest in the project.


We understand that the relationship with our clients involves great responsibility towards the objectives agreed for each project. Therefore, we must be guarantors of such compliance by informing our clients and by taking the necessary steps to achieve our objectives.

Ethical Procedure

The relationship between MA, our clients and the companies involved is based on trust. Our professional ethics allows us to do the best for our clients, acknowledging the pacts among the different parties, respecting the wider public interest and avoiding any possible conflicts of interest.

Added Value Recognition

The achievement of the project's objectives is the result of the value added by all parts. This is why our management is closely related to the recognition of this value and it also fosters a fair and respectful relationship among all parties.

International Standards

Acting according to recognized professional standards at national and international levels is an indispensable requisite for MORO OJEDA Y ASOCIADOS in order to promote our work and our profession.